Welcome to Manomay & Co.

Manomay & CO is a sister concern of A. MANSUKHLAL & CO and is one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporter of wooden tools handles since 2001. We manufacture copper hammer, brass hammer, machinist hammer, wooden maller,and wooden handles for all types of tools like Hammer Handles, Sledge handles, Axes ,Hatchets Handle, Tomahawk handle, Belt Axe handle.Our Handles are made from American Hickory wood ,Ash wood, Beech wood, Treated “BOROTIK” Rubber wood, Babool wood etc.


We have an exhaustive list of satisfied clients around the globe. Besides setting milestones in the Indian market, the company has its client base in the competitive international markets also. Our aim is to extend our business to country level and around the globe and acquaint the world with our splendid quality products. We thereby welcome new business proposals, tie- ups and bulk orders from all over the world.